Estudio longitudinal del efecto de la autoadministración de morfina sobre el metabolismo cerebral de glucosa en ratas pretratadas con CP-55,940.


This project allowed us to do a longitudinal study of the effects of two drugs of abuse on brain glucose metabolism in Wistar rats according to sex. After the administration of a pretreatment with the cannabinoid agonist CP-55,940 in the adolescence, and/or a selfadministration with morphine in adulthood, we obtained three PET studies (Positron Emission Tomography) with [18F]-flúor-desoxiglucosa (FDG) on PND100, PND115 and PND130. After the administration of CP-55,940, and also after the administration of both treatments, we can observe differences on according to sex, non-appreciative after the morphine selfadministration. Among the most significant results we obtained, it stands out the modulation of nucleus Accumbens, amygdala and caudate putamen, allowing us to connect these results with the mesolimbic reward system. Finally, we can notice certain reversibility of the effects produced after both treatments separately, while these differences will remain with the combination of both compounds.

N Lamanna Rama
ML Soto-Montenegro
Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid