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Imke Nehrhoff



Imke Nehrhoff finished her Master in "Medical Engineering Science" at the University of Lübeck in Germany in September 2016. During her master thesis "High Resolution 3D-Microscopy of Mouse Heart
Vasculature" she worked in the Medical Imaging Lab (LIM) of the Hospital Gregorio Marañón. Currently she continues her reasearch in the field of her master thesis which implies "Single Plane Illumination Microscopy" and vascular imaging.


Bachelor in Medical Engineering Science. University of Lübeck, Germany [2010-2013]

Bachelor Thesis: Quantification of the contamination area while using “Ultrasonic Wound
Debridement” in collaboration with "Söring GmbH". 

Master in Medical Engineering Science. University of Lübeck, Germany [2014-2016]

Master Thesis: High Resolution 3D-Microscopy of Mouse Heart Vasculature. Tutorship: María Victoria Gómez Gaviro



Selected Publications

I. Nehrhoff, D. Bocancea, J. Vaquero, JJ. Vaquero, J. Ripoll, M. Desco and MV. Gómez-Gaviro, 3D imaging in CUBIC-cleared mouse heart tissue: going deeper, Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 7, Issue 9, pp. 3716-3720 (2016)


Laboratorio de Imagen Médica
Unidad de Medicina y Cirugía Experimental
Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón

C/ Ibiza 43. Anexo Psiquiatría 1ª planta, 28007 Madrid, España