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The Biomedical Engineering Dregree at the University Carlos III has several distinctive aspects:

  • When the degree was created, the University made the decission of recruiting two existing research groups with a long trajectory of R+D activities in Biomedical Engineering, in order to ensure the availability of research and teaching personnel with significant experience and worldwide recognition in Biomedical Engineering. The profile of these groups has been the basis for defining the specialization tracks of the degree during the last course, making sure that in all of them we provide faculty with the maximum experience and R+D and teaching capacity.

  • The University has made a significat effort in providing the students with Laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technologies, available for practical teaching.

  • A significant achievement is the Agreement signed with the local Health Ministry ("Consejeria de Sanidad") by which several Hospitals are associated to the University in order to provide a platform for real-world practical teaching, as well as possible teaching positions linked to the Hospital. This Agreement is totally comparable to those signed by the Faculties of Medicine with the same Hospitals, thus giving access to all the resources required for an adequate teaching program. This also opens up the possibility for the engineering students to directly interact with Medicine students and other health professionals at the Hospitals.

  • The fact that all teaching in this degree takes place in English language makes it easier to establish agreements with international Universities in order to exchange students for well-defined periods during the degree. It will also be possible to follow specialization tracks in areas different from those locally implemented, guaranteeing that teaching will keep the maximun iinternational level in terms of professional and R+D experience of the faculty.

The research groups that constitute the kernel of the Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering Department also have a significant experience in technology transfer to the industry, as well as excellent relationships with the main companies in this area. In this way, we can ensure that theroretical and practical contents of the degree match the real needs of these companies and the required profile for professionals in charge of managing high technology equipment at modern Hospitals. 

Our vision of teaching Biomedical Engineering in the XXI century has little to do with old-fashion approaches. Magistral lectures still have a role for some types of content, but we understand that a much more personal contact is required in order to prepare the students to face technological challenges in their future professional lifes. To this end, it is vwry helpful the fact that Faculty members in this Department have a direct experience in the design and development of all the hardware and software components of cutting-edge technology equipment, such as X-ray scanners, positron emission tomography, image guided surgery, computer-aided diagnosis, etc. This experience allows us complete access to all the technological aspects involved in these systems, thus making sure that no "industrial secrets" may prevent us from explaining any type of detail to the students. 

Bachelor Thesis

Here, it is available a list of Bacherlor Thesis led by the group in the last years.

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